Orchard House, Shirehampton – Places for People Sheltered Housing Scheme

Gas World have been working in conjunction with Boxed energy, who have funded a scheme to complete the replacement of a communal heating system to a supported housing scheme in The Orchards, Shirehampton Bristol.

The property is owned and managed by Places for People and this is the first such installation in the South West where Boxed energy have provided such funding. Funding for the scheme is provided by Boxed Energy to pay for the new heating system and maintain it over a period of 20 years.

During this time, the fuel bill for the heating system will remain fixed at a rate based on the existing energy bills the customer was receiving prior to the new installation. These bills are now paid to Boxed energy who in term pay the current heating bills for the 20 year period.

Given the new heating system is more efficient and provides cost saving on the energy used, the surplus is then used to pay back the funding for the initials installation plus the incurred interest. The scheme works as there is no initial outlay for the housing association for the new installations and the bills remain constant for the duration of the life of the install.


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